Part 1 : Why engineers should bother about cloud security?

When I say engineers here I mean Particularly anyone who is coding for the cloud. And this post spcifically discusses AWS cloud.

AWS Identity And Access Management Service

The cloud is becoming more relevant with each passing day and we all know it is going to be the driving force for coming time. Most of us as engineers have already started pivoting our careers in that direction. One way or other most of us would be dealing with cloud. The terms VPC, Subnets, Security Groups, ECS, and so many doesn’t sound alien anymore. …

Arguably version control is among the biggest innovations in software engineering. Version control or revision control as it is called gives an immense power to the developers while developing the complex systems. Version control allows developers to keep the working pieces of the system available. Specifically version control allows critical capabilities such as reproducibility, traceability.

Reproducibility is like a magical wand which helps to create identical systems no matter how complex the system itself is.

Traceability helps developers to pick up any environment and track its dependencies. …

— Find my “active” cloud resources showing the resource property history timeline

With each day the cloud is getting bigger and bigger. The cloud resources used either for PoC, development, testing or in production are increasing and with that the universal problem of resource “sprawling” is faced once again. We saw it earlier with VMs and now its making headway in cloud as well.

Yesterday I happened to stumble upon this reddit post where u/Delta4o asked about the tools that can be used to find all “active” or “live” cloud resources. The responses are fun and insightful to read. I definitely recommend you to go through them once.

While everyone assumes…

Basics of cloud computing in general and AWS in particular.

Cloud is something we as a programmers must be aware of in today’s time. Most of new products are born into the cloud and as an engineer we need to use the cloud services for designing, implementing and operating our products. And not to mention in most efficient ways in terms of performance, cost and maintainablilty.

In this post (or series) we will explore the cloud services from Amazon Web Services. We will not go into great details of each service, but rather it would be just enough introduction.


For any startup a critical factor for its success is an automated CI/CD platform. While there are many good platforms such as CodeShip are already available,it always helps to take control in our own hands. This would be a good excercise to learn many related services available in Amazon WebServices.

Defining the requirements

We want our build server to be hosted in cloud, which should trigger builds whenever any code change has been commited on Bitbucket. This pipeline should also deploy the code on servers without any delay. For this excercise, we may assume fewer checkins done daily and hence…


I love cloud.

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